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photo Christian Graupner


An experimental music collaboration between drummer Philipp Danzeisen and electronic musician hÄK alias Bernd Norbert Würtz.

With Danzeisen on drums and hÄK on modular synth and diy circuits the duo sets out to explore the frontline between the acoustic instrument and synthesised sounds in order to establish a new musical language where both elements fuse in to one distinctive sound.

The style ranges from atmospheric drone textures to chopped up abstract energetic rhythmical pieces reminiscent of musique concrete.
In practice this means that at places synth and drums play almost unison thus creating the illusion electronics and drums derive from the same source.
At other times the expected roles are inverted where the synthesiser takes over the percussive part and the drums create musical textures.
Yet for the most part drums and electronics are rhythmical interwoven to a high degree in contrast to a more traditional approach where drums provide rhythm parts with synth lines layered on top.

Moments of surprise and contrast take a key part in the sound of the duo. In addition to that psychoacoustical phenomena like Risset glissandos and phasing effects are also incorporated in the compositions.

Another important part is the improvisational aspect. Even though the group’s musical pieces are to a degree composed, a great part of the composition goes into designing and creating track specific setups which allow the two performers to control the synth, custom-made sound generators and samplers in the live environment. This is in parts realised while using drum sensors and triggers and in parts while playing the synths directly. This enables the musicians to improvise their composed pieces while playing a concert which makes every performance unique each time.

In a nutshell, the aim is to question the standard role of the respective instruments and push the limits of what can be done in order to achieve new interesting results.




soundcloud,Vimeo     www.bnwuertz.com